Cisco Networking Academy

The Cisco Networking Academy is internationally-recognized and prepares students for the IT jobs of tomorrow. By offering a curriculum based on the latest advances in the industry, students learn the skills needed to become an IT professional.

The Networking Academy has trained over 10.9 million students since its inception, and we are inviting you to become part of this success. By partnering with the Networking Academy, you can include the curriculum. Cisco offers into a degree or vocational program. It will elevate your career-ready programs, improve the professional growth of teachers, and provide students with internationally-recognized industry skills and certifications.

IT Essentials

The world is in an increasingly connected phase with creating a global economy along with the growing need for technical skills.

For a rewarding IT career, CISCO delivers information technology skills to help you excel—no matter which area of IT you choose, offering the right computer fundamentals.


IT Essentials covers the career skills needed for entry-level IT jobs. Plus, an opportunity to learn in a teaching environment of Cisco Networking Academy’s advanced simulation tools and have multiple hands-on labs to sharpen your troubleshooting skills and immediately practice what you study.

Computer Science 50

CS50: Introduction to Computer Science is Harvard University’s introduction to the intellectual enterprises of Computer Science, a course to enable students to think algorithmically and solve problems efficiently. It is known as the best computer science course in the world that is available to anybody who has an Internet connection.


At Prime, we will be facilitating the learning process of our students enrolled in CS50 on throughout the primary introductory part that lasts up to 8 weeks that cover the fundamentals of computing and programming. After the completion of 8 weeks, the course requires your specialization in tracks like Games, Mobile (Android or iOS), or Web. Throughout the course languages, students will use C, Python, and SQL plus, a student choice of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (for web development); Java or Swift (for mobile app development); or Lua (for game development).

Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering Class

No curriculum can adequately cover all areas of importance or relevance.  Educational institutions need to supplement the formal curriculum to make students better prepared to meet the entrance standards as well as develop their varied interests and aptitudes. Prime offers pre-med and engineering courses that are conducted every Saturday after the second-semester exam or during semester breaks. These courses are taught by professionals and experts and help the students stand apart from the rest in the arena by adding farther value to their lives.

Stock Market

Stock markets have existed for centuries and will no doubt go on being the foremost public, regulated marketplaces where people can buy and sell shares of different companies.

Why the Stock Market?

  • Helps in understanding the complete techniques to earn more profit in the stock market.
  • Extensive technical knowledge about trends and patterns to identify stock price movements.
  • Helps to become a better trader with a full understanding of the short term, mid-term trading, and Long-term Investments.
  • With the right techniques & methods along with risk handling techniques is very likely to earn handsomely from the market through trading & Investments.
  • A handy rule to follow is from one of the most successful investors in the world, Warren Buffett. The number 1 rule is: Never lose money. Rule number 2 is never to forget rule number 1.

Digital Media Marketing

Digital Marketing (also known as web marketing or internet marketing) refers to those strategies and techniques which utilize online ways to reach target customers. It is the use of information technology for marketing activity. It uses internet technology to promote online messages to customers. Digital marketing examples are email or social media advertising, web banners, and mobile advertising.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Nepal

The future of E-commerce has brightened over the recent years. Modification of education and the reach of the Internet throughout the world has ultimately increased the demand of E-commerce in the market.

The growth of IT companies has helped raise awareness and interest among youths in the field of IT. It has directly created more opportunities to uplift E-Commerce in Nepal. About 63% of the total population uses internet service in Nepal. This status proves that there is a good scope of E-Commerce in Nepal.

With the introduction of new technologies, digital stores, and interactive apps, digital marketing, and a person to acquire skills related to the field is in popular demand in the sector of E-commerce. The online existence in the future depends on the nature of business. With the growing generation, every business company will have to think and act accordingly.