Unlocking Opportunities for Enhanced Learning and Skilled Development.

At Prime, we go beyond traditional education by offering value added courses that prepare students for the dynamic and evolving professional landscape. Our carefully curated programs focus on practical skills, industry relevance and international certifications.

Cisco Networking Academy

Prime is proud to be the ITC/ASC and Networking Academy of Cisco in Nepal. Our program, endorsed by the world's largest Computer Networking Company, equips students with the skills needed for tomorrow's IT jobs. With a curriculum based on industry advancements, participants gain internationally recognized industry skills and certifications.

Stock Market

Explore the centuries-old world of stock markets with our comprehensive course. Gain insights into profitable techniques, extensive technical knowledge, and risk-handling strategies. Whether you're interested in short-term, mid-term trading, or long-term investments, this course guides you towards financial success.

IT Essentials

In an increasingly connected world, IT skills are essential. Prime offers IT Essentials courses, covering fundamental computer skills. Students learn in a Cisco Networking Academy environment, with advanced simulation tools and hands-on labs to enhance troubleshooting skills.

Digital Media Marketing

Explore the realm of digital marketing and its vast scope in Nepal. Our program delves into strategies and techniques using online platforms, preparing students for the future of E-commerce. With the growing demand for digital skills, this course ensures you stay ahead in the competitive business landscape.