"Prime Student Clubs at Prime College empower students to enhance skills, gain guidance, and boost confidence for a successful future"

Prime Cultural Club (PCC):

The Prime Cultural Club is dedicated to instilling in students the significance of culture in our society. We actively promote and preserve diverse cultures through programs on auspicious days, providing insights into the values and origins of these occasions. The club takes the lead in organizing one of Prime’s flagship events, the “Welcome and Farewell Program.”

Prime IT Club (PIC):

The Prime IT Club focuses on enhancing students’ skills and knowledge in information technology. With a mission to raise awareness about the advantages of IT, the club actively contributes to the college’s management and collaborates with other clubs in the technology sector. PIC plays a pivotal role in various technical initiatives within the college.

Prime Awareness Club (PAC):

The Prime Awareness Club strives to keep students well-informed and knowledgeable about current societal issues. Emphasizing practical knowledge, awareness programs, and outdoor activities, the club aims to empower students with insights into trending topics, fostering wisdom and personal growth.

Prime Literary Club (PLC):

The Prime Literary Club is a dynamic platform at Prime, encouraging students to explore their creativity and boost confidence. The club facilitates interactions with mass and managerial sectors, organizing literature-related competitions such as poem contests, essay writing competitions, and debate tournaments.

Prime Sports Club (PSC):

Dedicated to supporting sports as a co-curricular activity, the Prime Sports Club takes the lead in organizing, managing, supervising, and coordinating all sports events and related activities. It serves as a hub for fostering a culture of sportsmanship and physical well-being.