Resources & Facilities


The school library is well-stocked with course books as well as resource materials. It boasts of an up-to-date collection of latest articles, relevant books, journals, magazines and CD-ROMs on a wide range of subjects.

Counseling Program

The counseling program, in collaboration with faculty members, parents and students, helps students to become effective learners, achieve academic success, and develop into valued members of the society.

Student Support and Guidance

Students at Prime receive close monitoring and professional guidance right from the beginning. They learn to assess their own learning, set challenging personal targets and manage their time effectively. Further, the students are provided with proper direction, resources and opportunities related to career development in future. For that matter we render information and extend support to have placements in appropriate academic programs of graduate schools in Nepal and abroad.

ICT Based Education

We have a computer lab equipped with latest computers online backup by uninterrupted power supply and high speed broadband internet facility. The School regularly upgrades the system with advanced software and hardware. We have a Gigabit Ethernet (100 Mbps) for high speed multimedia and video network. Our web servers provide online tutorials and valuable educational resources for students. ICT training, international certification, and project works are regular features so that students get exposed to real life challenges.


The school has a facility of well-equipped and spacious laboratories for Science and Computer students so that they can explore and learn through a hands-on experience.