Audio-Visual Room

Immerse yourself in effective learning experiences in our audio-visual room. Designed for students of all classes, this facility ensures focused attention, aiding in better retention of concepts.​



Our school cafeteria is a hub of fresh and healthy food options, providing a delightful dining experience for students, teachers, and non-teaching staff. Enjoy a variety of snacks and beverages in our inviting dining halls.​

Counseling Program

Collaborating with faculty, parents, and students, our counseling program supports students in becoming effective learners, achieving academic success, and developing into valued members of society.​


The health and safety of our students are paramount. In case of a medical emergency, our infirmary is well-equipped to provide immediate care. Additionally, we offer regular training on various health issues for both students and teachers.​

Student's Club

Engage in extracurricular activities through our vibrant students' clubs. These clubs provide a supervised platform for interaction, skill development, and networking. Students can take on leadership roles, gaining valuable experience and exposure.​


For your convenience, transportation services are available. Contact our administrative team for further information on this facility.​


Explore a well-managed library with an up-to-date collection of course books, resource materials, latest articles, and a diverse range of books, journals, and magazines. Our library caters to educational, informative, and recreational needs beyond the curriculum.​