Mr. Kiran Kumar Shrestha


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new students to Prime Global School. The faculties and staff of the school are eager to begin yet another enriching educational journey.

Our goal is to provide our students with educational possibilities by ensuring sound instructions through research-based learning strategies. The faculty and staff are undoubtedly concerned with the academic and overall growth of our students; we are also committed to creating an environment that fosters self-respect and respect for others.

The core elements that Prime Global School boasts are superb faculty members and learning support, outstanding facilities, and a lively range of co-curricular activities. I look forward to welcoming you to be an intricate part of the PRIME family.

Mr. N P Sharma, M Ed(TU), M Sc. (UK)


Welcome to Prime Global School!

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Friends,

We take immense pride in cultivating a rich educational environment, fueled by the spirit, enthusiasm, and talents of our students and faculties. Our diverse range of programs and activities is designed to nurture and develop the creative potential of young minds within the framework of Nepal’s nationals ethics and culture.

Our Students consistently achieve excellence not only n their higher studies in management but also in their professional lives. We strive to produce graduates who are imaginative and creative, intellectually sharp, competitive, and smart. We aim to foster independence, self-reliance, and physical fitness, while instilling the fundamental values of their lives.

Guided by our motto – INITIATE, EXPLORE, INNOVATE – we encourgae our students to engage in deeper earning rather than focusing solely on exams. I am confident that our students to engage in deeper learning rather than focusing solely on exams. I am confident that our approach will empower our graduates to achieve success in whatever paths they choose in the future.