Student's Clubs

Prime Cultural Club (PCC)

Prime Cultural Club aims at raising cultural awareness among students by embracing and promoting the cultural values of each ethnic community of Nepal

Prime Awareness Club (PAC)

The club performs various activities related to students’ welfare, and runs awareness campaigns addressing the issues and challenges of youth, society and environment.

Prime IT Club (PIT)

This club aims at raising IT awareness by involving students and letting them share their ideas on the IT sector.

Prime Young Managers' Club (PYMC)

This club aims at helping the students to foster their leadership and communication skills motivating them to excel and prosper as Managers in future.

Prime Science Club (PSC)

Prime Science Club (PSC), established in 2074 B.S. in order to develop scientific attitude and creativity. PSC encourages group work which is highly necessary for the advancement of science and make the student apply the scientific knowledge acquired in an innovative way. The main objectives of PSC are organizing lectures, seminars, symposia, science exhibitions and field trips. The Club also participation in science fairs and so on.

Prime Research Club (PSRC)

Prime Student’s Research Club provides support resources for students who aim to carry out independent and innovative projects.
PSRC is the newest way to get involved in preliminary research activities. For that matter, a mentor will help students expand their knowledge and skills of research.