Our Vision

The academic institution of Prime International Secondary School would be a vibrant center of learning having it outstanding position as an exemplary organization in the field of school education in Nepal. This center of learning would remain as a part of Deem University targeted to be developed by the Prime Educational Inc. in future. At this school of learning the young brains would be enthused to shape, as far as possible, their characters with the qualities of several renowned national and international personalities ascertained by the school. The students would, therefore, be guided, motivated, supported and encouraged to learn from them, realize their potential and get fully oriented to the ideas of PRIME envisaged as:

P : Positive Values,

R : Road to Modern Technology,

I : Initiation and Innovation,

M : Managing happy family life, and

E : Exploration of New Knowledge and Skills.

Our Mission

Being guided by its vision, the mission of Prime International Secondary School is to enable its graduates to be very successful in the real life situation when they enter into the world of work. The school would do its best to help them become high quality managers, IT professionals, and in fact job creators rather than job seekers in Nepal and abroad. The School is committed to organize its teaching learning experiences with its competent workforce to provide sound educational base for its students. The education would be affordable and subsidized to a selected number of needy students. The teaching learning environment would, therefore, be practical, effective and dynamic coupled with personalized services.

Prime International believes that the involvement of parents in the educational processes to be adopted at the school is equally important. Therefore, parents are encouraged to call teachers / coordinators / admin staff and the Principal if some specific information is needed. Students should therefore persuade their parents / or guardians to keep their strong link with the school so that they could help their wards learn and grow well. Parents / guardians should realize that the school always appreciates their support, suggestions, constructive criticisms and cooperation to the school.